Blake Lively: It’s relaxing to put on a pair of Louboutin high heels

You have a better chance of winning the lottery than seeing Blake Lively not wearing high heels. She loves heels so much, she is relaxing by wearing them.

Blake has a special feature in the latest issue of Hamptons magazine. There she says she loves high heels so much, they has a relaxing effect on her while wearing them.

“I also like to dress up…I also think that’s relaxing—to put on a great pair of Louboutins”, she says. It is well known that Lively is a huge fan of Christian Louboutin and his high heels.

She loves heels so much, she wears them even when pregnant. And looks amazing all the time.

Sadly, Blake seems to stick only to heels. It is very rare for hear to wear boots. This is sad, as we think they would look superbly on her.

Lively though likely doesn’t think so. She is well known for her fashion taste and always looking at the top of her game. She doesn’t use a stylist and chooses all of her outfits and shoes by herself. This means she either doesn’t like boots enough to wear them or she thinks she won’t look good enough.

Hopefully she will reverse her decision some time. As for relaxing by wearing high heels… it is something few people will probably understand. Wearing heels is generally considered to be a pain and a challenge, but that’s not quite right. If you have experience, know how to wear high heels properly and choose the right shoes, then it really is relaxing.

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