Blake Lively looks iconic in stunning high heels in New York

Blake Lively continues to be on the top of her fashion game. Despite being pregnant, she never leaves the house without high heels and a stunning outfit.

Blake really stepped up her game over the past few days while she is in New York. She rocked some incredible outfits with matching stunning high heels.

The popular actress had a few appearances on TV shows and events. She made sure she looks her best for each occasion and never really missed a beat.

One of her most impressive outfits was a short blue dress with long sleeves and studded high heels. Blake looked confident and happy each time.

She also rocked a long summer dress. It was teamed with strappy high heels.

The hot New York weather though was ideal for shorter dresses. Blake took full advantage of that in an yet another stunning outfit and strapped heels.

She also rocked some casual outfits as well. Mind you, Blake has a different idea of casual, which features a pair of silver Louboutin high heels.

In general though, she sticks to the elegant style. And the elegant style sticks really well to her.

Just imagine her high heel closet and how difficult it may be to choose which pair to wear.

Even so, Blake seems to be a master of that as she’s proven countless times now.

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