Blake Lively rocks three outfits in a single day, all with stunning high heels

Blake Lively had a busy day when she had to rock three different outfits in a single day. As one of Hollywood’s most stylish, Blake had no problems with that challenge.

Blake Lively is also one of the biggest fans of high heels. She’s almost always rocking a pair, especially for events. And this time she didn’t stray away from her favorite footwear.

In fact, she even accented it even more. All three outfits sported different shoes with one thing in common – they were all high heels.

Blake arrived for her appearance on Good Morning America in a long yellow jumpsuit with bellbottom pants. The outfit also featured a pair of towering silver high heels.

The shoes had quite high platforms, adding to Blake’s height and 60s look. She spent some time with the fans, taking photos.

Blake then changed into a very different outfit. It was a very unusual long black and white dress. It was asymmetric with the black portion well fitted and the white loose with added sequin patterns.

Blake kept the daring style of her shoes, too. This time she went for a pair of Louboutin snakeskin high heels with added butterflies on the sides.

Finally, the day was coming to a close. Blake went back to her hotel in a yet another outfit. This time a tweet-like jumpsuit with a daring V-neck, chain belt and… high heels!

Once again, they were Louboutin, but in a different sparkling pattern. Blake also rocked a small cube-purse to complete her look. Which one of the three outfits suits her the most?

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