Blast from the past: 12 incredible pictures of Jennifer Lopez in high heels

Jennifer Lopez is without a doubt an all-time celebrity. One of her many talents is fashion as she is always stunning in glamorous high heels and outfits.

Over the years Jennifer has continued to manage to find new ways to look better and better than ever. Through all this time she has also managed to keep true to her personal style and taste.

Lopez is a big fan of high heels, there’s no question about that. She continues to wear killer heels, platforms, boots and you name it. She is not afraid to be bold and daring and often wears designer heels and other interesting shoes along with matching impressive outfits.

It would be near impossible to track Jennifer’s entire career and choose the best pictures of her in high heels. So we have kept it modest and have tracked back just the last five years focusing on her most impressive outfits and shoes from this time period. We have managed to barely narrow it down to 12 choices

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