Blast from the past – 15 pictures of Kristen Bell in high heels

Kristen Bell has been around for some time now and has always managed to stay on top of her game. This includes her fashion style, too.

While she rarely goes for daring outfits, Kristen is often very elegant and stylish. Even her photoshoots are a reflection of that.

We’ve picked a few pictures of her photoshoots from the past 10 or so years. They give us a nice representation of Kristen’s style over the years.

It really hasn’t changed much. Some could say it hasn’t changed at all. But on the other hand, does it really need to? You can’t fix what’s not broken right?

And Kristen’s style is definitely not broken. In fact, we quite like it. It suits her quite well. It’s elegant, simple, not flashy and over the top. Even her more provocative shoots are still tasteful.

Don’t believe us? Here are some of

Kristen Bell’s best pictures in high heels for the past decade

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