Blast from the past – Candice Patton in leather and high heels

Candice Patton became famous as Iris West in The Flash. She’s also often in the top spots as one of the most beautiful women on TV. And she loves high heels!

Candice can often be seen in daring outfits and matching high heels. She loves to pose and tease.

Pair this with her natural beauty and great fashion taste and you have a recipe for something truly memorable. And Candice delivers. She is often one of the most eye-catching celebrities at red carpets events.

Here are just a few examples of Candice Patton and her stunning outfits which often include high heels and leather. Here is Candice at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour in 2014. She rocks a stylish fitted black leather dress and matching high heels.

Here is Candice again in 2014 in a similar outfit at the From The Rough screening in Los Angeles. She rocks a fitted semi-leather dress and strappy high heels.

Candice at OK Magazine’s So Sexy event in 2014. She wears a leather mini skirt, fitted crop top and strapped high heels. And, yes, she is so sexy.

Finally, Candice at the NYLON Magazine’s Spring Fashion Issue Celebration in 2015. She has opted for a sexy leather dress and matching strapped high heels.

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