Blast from the past – Christina Aguilera in high heels for her 2004 photoshoots

The early 2000s were the high point for Christina Aguilera. In 2004 she once again changed her look to brunette from her trademark blond hair.

Christina was quite active during that time. She did several big photoshoots for top magazines.

And in most of them she impressed with artsy shots, stunning outfits and matching high heels. And here are some of her most stunning and impressive images from these photoshoots from 2004.

These pics are from various photoshoots throughout 2004. Among the most impressive photospreads was Christina’s look for Elle UK by Sante D’Orazio.

Here Christina posed in stunning dresses and strapped high heels. It’s one of her best photoshoots ever.

She also posed for Allure. The pics were by Michael Thompson and were also quite impressive. One of the best was of Christina in a chair and strapped high heels.

Also from 2004, was Christina’s photoshoot from Glamour. This was once again taken by Sante D’Orazio. It featured Christina in a shorter hair several unusual outfits and sling-back platform high heels.

And finally, her photoshoot for Saturday Night Live by Mary Ellen Matthews. This one is much more down to Earth.

Yet Christina once again looks superb and elegant. Simple, yet, very nice.

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