Blast from the past: Hailee Steinfeld and her high heeled street style in NY in 2015

Hailee Steinfeld has always had a great fashion style. Over the past few years she has really developed into her own look and feel. Basically, you can’t mistake her for someone else in the crowd.

Hailee’s style is always standing out despite not looking like it’s trying to do so. And that’s what makes a fashion style truly great – when you can look stunning and make it seem effortless.

Hailee’s fashion transformation really hit the stride in 2015. It was a time where she started to get more and more confident. She also started to explore more of her personal style and taste and evolved it with current fashion trends.

The end results were quite stunning. As we can see her street style in New York in July 2015. Hailee looked pretty much perfect with a classically balanced outfit.

It was a simple and elegant summer outfit which featured a loose black top with white underlining. The top transitioned into a pair of hotpants which also had the white underlining.

The outfit drew a lot of the attention towards Hailee’s toned legs. And she made sure that was the case thanks to her footwear, too.

Hailee rocked a pair of black lace-up booties. They had a thick platform with thick soles and thin sky high heels at the back.

She handled the heels and height with ease, though. Haillee impressed with her confident and powerful stride.

She kept her hair in an elegant ponytail and completed her look with a pair of rounded sunglasses. Hailee also carried a leather purse to finish off her simple, but glamorous look. Nicely done by her. And it’s great to see that she has not only kept her style, but also evolved even more today.

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