Blast from the past: Jennifer Lopez in high heels in the 90s

Jennifer Lopez has been in the spotlight for decades. It’s impressive for how long she’s been on the top and how she always reinvents herself with ease.

Or at the least, she makes it seem like it’s with ease. The same can be said for her acting, singing and fashion.

Jennifer has always had a great fashion style. She knows how to pull off pretty much any style and outfit.

And elegance and high heels have always been her specialty. Lopez prefers a classy style, even when she’s provocative. She rarely goes overboard.

And back in the 90s, the fashion was quite different. Even so, a quick trip down memory lane with a few of Jennifer’s 90s photoshoots, shows us that she was on top of it. And you can easily see a lot of Jennifer’s current style and taste going back to these older photoshoots.

So, over the years Jennifer has managed to keep but evolve her style. Here are a few of JLo’s more memorable photoshoots from the 90s.

Here’s Jennifer in a Michel Haddi photoshoot in 1994.

Then Jennifer in strapped high heels for the Robert Erdmann photoshoot in 1996.

And another pair of silver heels for the Dorothy Low 1996 photospread.

In strapped heels for the Wayne Stambler 1998 photoshoot.

Impressive in a long dress and high heels for the Barry Hollywood FHM 1998 photoshoot.

In an elegant dress and strapped high heels for the 1999 Firooz Zahedi Vibe photoshoot.

In knee boots and a 60s dress for the 1996 Wayne Stambler photospread.

In patent calf boots for the same photoshoot.

And in over-the-knee boots for the Tony Duran photoshoot in 1999.

Needless to say, all of the styles are quite impressive.

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