Blast from the past – Kate Beckinsale looking stunning in a long dress and high heels at the Total Recall premiere in 2012

Kate Beckinsale has always had a great style and fashion sense. That was very evident during the Total Recall movie premiere in 2012. Kate rocked a style that’s equally stunning today.

Kate was at her top fashion game during the movie premiere in London. From the moment she arrived, she stole the show.

She wowed in a very elegant black dress. It was a complex piece with a shoulder-less and asymmetrical design. The dress featured two halves. One of them was a crisp black fabric and the other one – shiny sequin.

The two halves overlapped and created a hug-me style around Kate. The dress also had a big bow-like belt at the waist to make it even more elegant.

Kate’s dress was well fitted along the body and had a tall split at the front to draw attention to her toned legs. She wasn’t done though.

Kate continued the elegant, but daring look with her footwear. She rocked a pair of towering sky high heels. They had medium platforms at the toes and some very high heels. Kate though handled them with ease and looked quite stunning and impressive.

She rocked her long hair loose and styled with elegant curls. Her makeup was also elegantly applied with a dash of eye liner and pink lip gloss.

Kate refrained from jewels and only had a small clutch to complete her look. But what a stunning look it is. It’s still looking absolutely amazing after almost 6 years. That’s the mark of a great outfit and style – being timeless.

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