Blast from the past: Margot Robbie in a daring dress and high heels from 2009

Margot Robbie has always had an impressive style. Usually, she opts for simple and elegant outfit. But she can also be quite daring. As this quick trip back to 2009 show us.

Margot was at the 51st TV Week Logie Awards at the Crown Towers Hotel and Casino on May 3, 2009 in Melbourne, Australia. She wowed in quite the dress at the event.

Robbie opted for a simple, but very daring dress. It was a shoulder-less piece with a very low top line. The front was also quite short, reaching to the upper thighs.

The back of the dress though was asymmetric. And it was quite longer in a V-shape. It reached to almost Margot’s ankles at the bottom of the V.
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The dress was black, but featured red-ish accents at the top and around the skirt. It was a simple, yet very memorable piece.

Robbie teamed it with a pair of elegant black high heels. They featured medium-height platforms and very thin high heels. The shoes added a few elegant and quite a lot daring points to Margot’s bank.
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She rocked her hair long and loose. It’s longer than her current style and looks as great. Robbie has opted for less makeup here, only with a dash of lip gloss and eyeliner. On the whole, quite a memorable look for Margot, for sure. And a great blast from the past.

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