Blast from the past – Margot Robbie in stunning thigh high boots from 2010

Margot Robbie is one of the most popular stars in Hollywood and has been for a few years now. But in 2010 she was still before her big rise.

In 2010 Margot made a photoshoot with Alex Coppel and she wowed in a stunning pair of thigh high boots and a black dress. Margot looked more than great in the photoshoot.

For the shoot, Margot was wearing a short black dress. It featured a sequin collar and lace skirt. Margot is mixing up classic photo styles with a bit of extra provocativeness in her photoshoot.

She is laying in a field of flowers for one picture and then sits in a sports car. Both types of pictures have one thing in common – they are stunning.

A main focus of the images are Margot’s stunning thigh high boots. They are from black leather and feature a medium hidden platform. The boots have black heels with silver metal tips and were quite well fitted.

In the pictures Margot is rocking a shorter blond hair and minimal makeup. As you can imagine, the photos are easy to be remembered for quite some time. Even 7 years later.

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