Blast from the past: Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel and Alessandra Ambrosio are stunning in heels at a Victoria’s Secret event in 2010

We’re back with another trip in the glamorous fashion past. This time we go back to 2010 when Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel and Alessandra Ambrosio were at a special Victoria’s Secret event. And they wowed us with their styles.

Miranda, Candice and Alessandra were at the Victoria’s Secret Beauty Heavenly Flowers Launch. It was in April 2010 in New York.

And while it seems like 2010 was yesterday, it was almost 8 years ago! Despite this, all three supermodels do look as great as ever. They are also very glamorous and it does look like the pics were taken yesterday.

All three rocked similar outfits featuring colorful, well-fitted dresses and nude colored high heels. Each of them also was wearing a colorful apron, which was part of the theme of the event.

Candice was wearing a body-hugging cream dress which reached to the mid-thigh. She opted for strapped shoes with slightly thicker high heels. They also had a small platform at the toes.

Alessandra on the other hand rocked a colorful satin dress. It was shorter, reaching to the upper thigh and also had a slightly looser fit.

Ambrosio though rocked high heels. She opted for a pair of pointed-toe platform high heels. The shoes had thin, high heels and quite the platform at the front.

Miranda Kerr opted for a mix of both styles. She also rocked a body-hugging dress, which was even shorter.

Her heels also appeared the highest. Maybe it was due to the fact that they were a classic pump-style with peep-toes and a high, indented platform. They also had thinner heels which allowed for the more elongated look.

Both Miranda and Candice opted to keep their hairs loose and in slight curls. Alessandra kept most of her hair styled in a bun.

All three preferred a light makeup style with a dash of eyeliner and lip gloss, but didn’t go overboard.

In the end all three supermodels looked… super. Easy to see why we still remember, almost 8 years later!

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