Blast from the past: Nina Dobrev looking elegant in heels from 2012

Nina Dobrev has always had a great style. We went back a few years to remind ourselves of this. So, here are a few great looks and outfit from Nina from 2012.

It’s strange that 2012 is already 6 years ago. It sounds like it was much closer that it is. Especially since Nina also looks as stunning as ever.

Despite that it seems like yesterday, it’s quite a long time ago. And Nina’s style is quite similar today. This means she has only tweaked and upgraded her style over the years. The results of this evolution are quite good.

And these looks and outfits are a great example of this. The first one is Nina’s stunning and elegant long dress from the CIROC Vodka during the 20th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party in Beverly Hills.

It’s quite the elegant piece. The dress featured a deep V-neck with cutouts around the shoulders. The top half has tight fit which then flares around the waist and downwards.

The dress is very long and reaches the floor. This keeps Nina’s footwear well hidden  for the most part. Still, a few glimpses here and there reveal she was rocking a simple nude colored pair of strapped heels. It’s fitting, actually, as Nina didn’t want to draw the attention away from the great dress.

That event was from February. Now, we are jumping a few months forward. We’re going in Toronto in September when Nina was at the premiere of Argo.

Nina was quite elegant in a classic red peplum dress. It was a fitted outfit with a generous bust-line and an elegant fit all the way down to the knees.

Nina added further style and daring points with her footwear. She chose a pair of double ankle-strapped platform high heels. They were blue with thick platforms and thin sky high heels. She kept her hair loose and with elegant curls and a dash of elegant makeup and red lipstick completed Nina’s stunning look.

A few days later Nina was in Los Angeles. She was there for the premiere of ‘The Perks Of Being A Wallflower’ Premiere.

This time Nina again rocked a red outfit. This one was a bit more daring. It was again a knee-length dress with a red lace sleeves. The dress also had red lace inserts at the flared parts.

Nina opted for more elegant shoes in the form of strapped tie-up high heels. She completed her look by keeping her hair in a bun and opted for lighter makeup. Still, it was quite the look. Three great outfits that Nina Dobrev has rocked in 2012 alone.

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