Blast from the past: Olivia Wilde impresses in leather leggings and high heels in People Magazine from 2007

Olivia Wilde has been around for quite a while now. She has maintained a great style and fashion sense over the years. As evident by her photoshoots.

One of her memorable sessions was for People Magazine in June 2007. It may be 10 years ago, but it looks as modern as ever today.

Today leather leggings are as mainstream as sneakers. In 2007 they were still mostly reserved for celebrities. Now leather leggings can be as casual as you can get, but they can also be elegant, and daring.

And… they can be a mix of everything into one, as long as you know how to pull it off. And Olivia shows her she did and does know how to do it ever since at least 2007.

The photoshoot made by Lance Staedler is quite impressive. It features Olivia rocking the said leather leggings, teamed with an interesting cream shirt with round details on it.

She also rocks some impressive snakeskin high heels. The shoes featured pointed toes and thin, sky high heels for an impressive result.

In another photo, Olivia rocks a short sequin dress which is paired by some classic Louboutins. They feature cone heels and peep-toe design and are patent black for extra style.

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