Blast from the past: Paris Hilton in bikini and high heels at her party in Malibu from 2007

Boy, a lot can change in 9 and a half years. But some things don’t. For example Paris Hilton looking stunning in high heels at her party in Malibu.

Back in August 2007, Paris rented a beach house in Malibu for a while. As you would expect, parties were the main goal of the ordeal.

One of the parties struck a cord with our mind ever since. At it Paris rocked bikini and hot high heels, looking stunning.

She rocked pink bikini top with white hotpants and matching white high heels. The heels were of a modest height, making them comfortable, but high enough to shape Paris’ stunning legs.

She even wore them on the beach. Paris was visibly having a great time partying and taking pictures.

We are sure she has some great memories from that time. We do, too, thanks to these few pictures.

Paris rocked her hair in a ponytail and opted for a pair of white sunglasses. She was without makeup, although the sunglasses kept her hidden. That’s pretty much all there is to say. The pictures speak for themselves. Good times.

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