Blast from the past – Shakira shines in high heels at the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Shakira has been somewhat missing from the spotlight lately. Just a few years ago she was on top of the world and shined in the best high heels in Hollywood.

She was honored at The Hollywood Walk Of Fame in Hollywood on November 8, 2011. It is a great occasion and moment for every celebrity.

So, as you can expect, she made sure she looked great for the event. Shakira stuck true to her personal style and didn’t go overboard with her outfit.

Instead she chose something simple and stylish. And it worked out great. Here we are almost five years later and her outfit still looks as great and as modern and crisp as ever.

It featured a white blazer with black panels and a pair of fitted black pants. She completed the outfit with a pair of black leather high heeled booties.

They featured silver studded stripes at the toes and some very high and thin heels. They were no problem for Shakira of course who is used to even dancing in higher and more daring heels.

This pair though looked stylish and elegant. A great outfit for Shakira.

She completed her look by having her hair long and loose. Some extra jewels and minimal makeup made sure she shined with her beauty. Nicely done!

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