Blast from the past – the elegant Jennifer Garner in high heels from 2004

These days Jennifer Garner seems to be keeping a lower profile. Years ago though she was quite busy. And she was always very stylish and elegant as this quick trip back to 2004 will show us.

Jennifer’s 2004 was a very big year with the debut of Elektra. We will also take a quick look to 2003 for the premiere of Daredevil where Garner’s appearance was also quite memorable.

First, we are going back to February 22nd 004. Almost exactly 14 years ago! That’s quite some time. It was the time of the 10th Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles. And Jennifer made sure we will remember that night.

She impressed with a long, elegant red dress. It was a classic piece which was shoulder-less and had double straps.

The dress had a nice fit all the way to the hips. There it flared out and reached the floor. There were no splits so, Jennifer’s footwear remained hidden for the ages. She completed her elegant look by keeping her hair in a ponytail, opting for some golden jewels and a dash of accenting makeup. Nothing extreme, but all very well picked, matched and the results are timeless. red dress –  02/22/2004

Going back into January of 2004 now. It’s the premiere of Elektra and Jennifer was quite…electric in Las Vegas. Garner opted for a very elegant long black dress.

The elegant dress featured a classic bust top with shoulder straps. It had a tight fit all the way to the hips. Then the dress again flared out, but not as much as the red one.

The main fabric of the dress was suede. It also had shinier horizontal lines around the skirt part. And it’s also a floor-length piece, but we could catch a few glimpses of Jennifer’s matching black and elegant high heels.

She again kept her hair pulled back. This time though Jennifer had opted for more accenting makeup around the eyes and more lip gloss.

Finally, were are going even further back in time. It’s the premiere of Daredevil in Los Angeles. The time is February 2003 – 15 years ago!

Jennifer impressed with a stunning long cream dress. It was a dress with a tighter fit all the way and again reached the floor.

It seems during this time Garner loved her long gowns. And with good reason. She manages to look stunning each time. This dress featured several embossed details and a lace part at the end. It again kept Jennifer’s matching elegant high heels mostly hidden.

This time she kept her hair long and styled with curls. Garner opted for an almost no-makeup look with only an accenting dash of it. Definitely a style to remember!

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