Blast from the past: the elegant Miley Cyrus at the 2008 American Music Awards

Over the years, Miley Cyrus has had quite a few transformations. Back in 2008 she was still on her elegant and stylish stride and looked great.

Afterwards she entered a new… mood. Miley became way more provocative and changed her style quite a lot.

Now she’s back to a more sensible style. It’s a style that looks similar to her 2008 run. One of her most elegant outfits from that year was her for her appearance on the 2008 American Music Awards in Los Angeles.

There Miley rocked an elegant golden tube dress with a sheer black wraparound for the right side of the dress. The dress was shoulder-less and short with a body-hugging fit.

And Miley teamed the dress with a pair of equally elegant high heels. They featured a thin hidden platform and pointed toes.

The actual heels were in a green-ish-golden-ish tint and were high and thin. Miley completed her outfit with a few golden jewels and diamond rings.

She kept her hair in a bun with a couple of loose curls added for a more elegant look. Her makeup was also minimal with an accenting look rather than daring. It’s a welcomed sight to see her going back to these roots today. They are definitely more “her” than the overly daring stuff she was doing later.

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