Blast from the past: Vanessa Hudgens looking stunning in high heels in 2010

It’s time for another trip down memory lane. This time we check out Vanessa Hudgens and her stunning style back in 2010. She wowed at quite a few events that year.

We have chosen three of them which we feel are quite impressive. All of them are from the first half of 2010. So, that’s almost 8 years ago. Blimey, time does go by rather quickly.

Let’s get right into the events, though. The first one was the 11th Annual Warner Bros. and InStyle Golden Globe Party. It was in January 2010 and Vanessa was there, looking great.

She rocked a short silver-ish dress with a loose fit. It was quite a short dress, reaching to the upper thigh. Vanessa pointed the attention entirely to her superb toned legs with that outfit.

And she added even more accents on them thanks to her footwear. Hudgens rocked a pair of elegant peep-toe high heels. They were spiced up with a thick platform and very thin high heels. The slingback heels were in a silver color, close to the one of the dress.

Vanessa kept her hair long and loose. She rocked accenting makeup with a dash of eyeliner and lip gloss and looked very confident.

Then in March 2010, Vanessa was at the 2010 Vanity Fair Oscar Party. There Vanessa wowed in a beautiful long sequin black dress.

The elegant fashion piece featured lots of sequins styled to come together at a specific point on the dress. It also had a deep V-neck and it was back-less with no splits for the legs.

This Vanessa’s black high heels remained mostly well hidden. Still, she was rocking quite the elegant pair, again with a slight platform and peep-toe design. The thin heels added extra elegance to Vanessa’s look.

Vanessa completed her great style with a dash of accenting eyeshadows and lip gloss. She again kept her hair long and loose and added some extra curls to it. Definitely one of the most impressive styles for Vanessa ever.

Then in June 2010 Vanessa was at the Activision E3 2010 kick-off event. For this event Vanessa also opted for a short dress.

This time it was an pink-ish one along with a wide leather belt. The dress had a loose fit and Vanessa teamed it with a black, sheer vest-like top.

Once again Hudgens opted for platform high heels. And oh, my, what heels were they! They had an even taller platform, thin straps around the foot and yellow sky high heels.

Vanessa again kept her hair loose. She opted for heavier eyeliner this time and accenting sparkling lip gloss. Three different styles for Vanessa and all of them quite impressive. Easy to see why we remember them after so long.

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