Blast from the past: Victoria Justice and her effortless elegant high heel style from 2012

Victoria Justice has established herself as one of the most elegant and stylish celebrities. She’s always looking great and makes it look effortlessly and elegant. And it has been like that for quite a few years now.

For example, Victoria’s many appearances and events in 2012. We’ve chosen just three which represented her more casual and daily style Victoria rocked a whole 6 years ago.

And you may notice that it’s a style which Victoria has honed even more during these few years. It’s her own taste and she knows exactly how to make it look great with little effort. This is why she looks effortlessly elegant. And, of course, high heels are a common theme in her outfits, too.

One of the best examples for this came in early in 2012. She was at the “Victorious” photocall in Madrid. Victoria rocked a beautifully elegant red dress. She teamed with an elegant layered, asymmetrical jacket which she rocked for the main part of the event.

Then Victoria posed without it outside in the sun for one of her most stunning looks ever. Justice looked timelessly elegant with black tights and a pair of stylish oxford-style high heels. The shoes had chunky high heels and looked great with the outfit.

For this look Victoria had strayed away from her favorite straight hairstyle. She had added some curls and volume this time. A few extra jewels, eyeliner, lipg gloss and a big smile completed her stunning look.

Now we jump to the autumn of 2012. Victoria is now in Manhattan going out and about. For this day she opted for an elegant and simple outfit.

It starts with a crisp white shirt and a suede jacket. Justice also adds a thin black tie to the shirt. She also teams the top part of the outfit with a pair of fitted red-ish leopard print pants with a thin black belt.

She completes the look with a simple pair of elegant suede high heels. They have thin high heels and pointed toes and looked great. This time Victoria sticks to her straight hairstyle and similar makeup choice. The result? Epic.

Finally, we are going to November 2012. Victoria is at the Dean Lewins Photoshoot from the Rooftop of the Intercontinental Hotel in Sydney.

This one is seemingly a mix of both styles Victoria rocked a simple and elegant shirt with interesting shoulder pads. She teamed the casual shirt with a pair of fitted grey pants with a flower print on them.

This time Victoria opted for a pair sky high patent heels. They had pointed toes and thin elegant heels which Justice handled with ease.

She opted for a mix of her favorite hairstyles. Her hair was still long and straight, but with added volume. Victoria kept her classic makeup style with a dash of eyeliner and lip gloss to complete her beautiful and effortless look.

So, it’s quite obvious, right? Victoria’s style in 2012 was stunning and elegant. And it worked equally great all over the globe.

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