Blast from the past – Victoria Justice rocking platform high heels as she visits Extra in 2012

We’ve talked a lot about Victoria Justice and her style and how she’s evolved. This is not something new. She’s been on top of her fashion game for a while.

Here we have her from 2012 as she visited Extra at The Grove in LA. 5 years is a long time, but as you look at Victoria, you see she’s as stunning as ever today.

It also shows that Victoria has managed to evolve her style quite well. She hasn’t done any drastic transformations. Instead, she has added some subtle additions to her style.

But back to 2012. Victoria opted for a casual, but elegant style for he visit to Extra. She opted for a pair of fitted colorful leggings which shaped her long legs.

And they were looking even longer since Victoria rocked a pair of black strapped platform high heels. The heels were quite high, but the thick platforms added some height to the toes and made the shoes more comfortable.

The rest of Victoria’s outfit featured a simple white shirt and a casual blue vest. A very simple and comfortable outfit which looked great on Victoria.

She rocked her hair in her trademark style, long and loose and opted for just a dash of makeup. Victoria was looking as confident and as cheerful as ever. We’re happy she’s kept the style and evolved it.

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