Blog: Should we listen to trends?

The fashion industry is constantly trying to tell us what to wear and what looks good. But should we listen? Is there really any point to fashion trends?

They come and go several times a year. Fashion designers, magazines, analysts, TV shows… everyone seem to be racing to find the next trend or are trying to set whatever is that they like as a new trend. And if you do listen to them, you should be making vast changes to your wardrobe several times a year. And if you don’t, then these same people will say you are “out of style”, the you don’t want to miss on this one and so on. But remember that their main goal is not to make you look good. Their main goal is to sell you their new stuff.

Bottom line is we should mix and match trends. The key is to find your own look and if that is a mix of something “out of style” and something “trendy”, then great. If it’s only old, but works for you, superb. If you feel like you look your best when in the latest clothes, go for it.

Our point is don’t live by the trends. Treat them as news. It is something you should be informed of, but it does not always mean it has something to do with you or that an action is needed.

Lets take celebrities for example. Most of them are walking billboards. They have to wear the lastest from their sponsors. They have to be the trend setters. But that doesn’t stop them from adding their own personal touch and taste into the outfits.

A great example of that is the high heels they wear. If you listen to the fashion trends, celebrities should be wearing chunky heels or even 60s platforms. Instead they are wearing more and more ankle strapped high heels. There is a simple reason for that. One, ankle strapped high heels are much more comfortable and two – they look good.

In fact ankle strapped high heels have turned into a preffered choice by most celebrities. These shoes have become the new classic black pumps. They have been and are being worn with all kinds and types of outfits and it seems, as long as the strap is thin, you can’t go wrong with them. And yet, they are “yesterday’s trend”. But they work. And if something is not broken, then why fix it?

In general we are careful to say you should look at celebrities as role models, because lets face it, they do tend to make quite a lot of problems from time to time. But in this case it is safe to say that you should in fact take a page out of celeb’s books. Note the trends. If you like them, then wear them. But if you don’t like them, then don’t feel obligated to wear them or even pay attention to them. Remember that the best looking women are always the ones who find their own style and are brave enough to express it.

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