Blog: Why all the hate on high heels?

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Blog: Why all the hate on high heels?If you love to wear high heels or like this footwear in general, you’ve probably come across with quite a lot of hate on high heels. Or you’ve almost certainly have heard some of these remarks. We are noticing this trend has somewhat increased over the past few months so we decided to share our two cents.

Every week there are at least a couple of publications with hate on high heels. They are all based on personal opinions. “Because I hate high heels, and I feel uncomfortable in them, this means they are bad for everybody and everyone who wears them is crazy and a slut. Plus you are ruining your health and you don’t look good”. This is the general message from most publications.

They are conviniently skipping the parts where specialists say high heels are not the root of all problems with your feet. Actually your bad taking care of your feet is the root of the problems with them. There are plenty of women who love to wear heels and do so for years with no issues, because they take proper care of their feet.

But these women don’t go about proclaiming to everyone how much they love high heels. They simply wear them and feel good (until someone tries to be clever and tell them what they should be doing). Thus mostly negative articles about high heels pop up and make it seem like everyone is hating on these types of shoes.

It seems like putting people who wear heels down is the new social heckling. People seem to think it is perfectly fine to put others down for their choices which have no effect on them. It is OK to express your opinion of course. But it is certainly not OK to generalize and put everything into one category or expressing your opinion without accepting the other side of the coin.

The simple truth is as following. Countless women are wearing high heels and will be for a very long time. The fact that companies are getting into high heels or expanding in that area, is a solid proof there is a big market for this footwear.

At the same time, while millions of women will be wearing high heels, some are very uncomfortable in them and have real issues. Most of them are solvable with some proper care. Keep in mind that with everything we use, there is a certain portion of users that are having problems. But if you are having problems with your phone or car for example, you don’t go out claiming everyone who use the same thing are crazy, dumb or whatever. You simply change to something else which you like more. As it should be.

So why hating on high heels? If you don’t like them simply wear something else. Don’t make other people feel bad, because you don’t like heels. And remember, that sometimes high heels can be very, very helpful.

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