Blog: Why successful women wear high heels

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Blog: Why successful women wear high heelsYou have probably noticed that virtually all successful women wear high heels a lot. There is a very good reason why and it has nothing to do with style.

If you are reading this, chances are you are a female and you will know what we will be talking about in a minute. But if you are a guy who has come across this, bear with us for a bit. You see most men think that women put on their sexy high heels for one reason only – to attract the attention of the guys.

While sometimes that is certainly the case, the keyword here is “sometimes” and definately not “always”. In reality the real reason why women wear high heels most of the time is very simple – it makes them feel good.

And feeling good is at the base of where we are going with this. There is a simple formula that can prove why successful women wear high heels.

Lets assume you do wear high heels mainly because you like them and this makes you feel good. Feeling good makes you feel good about yourself. When you feel good about yourself, you are also feeling more confident. And when you are confident you are more motivated.

When you are more motivated, you get more things done, so you are more productive. And when you are more productive, you are also learning and developing more which is at the base of success.

So, when you see a business woman strut her killer high heels, more often than not she is not wearing such heels because she can afford it or out of some desire to make you jealous of her, but because she likes it and on a deep indirect level these heels actually are part of the reason why she has achieved the success.

Of course this is by no way scientific. It is a mere observation that we have after spending so much time around successful women that love high heels. Most celebrities too say they feel that much more confident when they put on a pair of heels. So the corelation is there.

Naturally, simply wearing high heels with the idea to become successful won’t really work. But wearing them simply because you like them and it truly makes you feel good about yourself, may just unlock the rest of the formula to start working in your favor. Give it a shot, if you already haven’t and who knows…

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