Boots Winter 2015 Trends

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Boots winter 2015 trendsWhat are the trends for boots winter 2015? They are quite various but you can see a clear pattern in there Рsexy and stylish rule. And this winter there will be an unordinary amount of ways to look both stylish and sexy.

Or maybe you want to be more sexy than stylish or vice versa? Maybe you want something completely different? The trends for boots winter 2015 are guaranteeing that this year you will have a lot of room to expand your creativity and personal touch.

With that being said, remember one golden rule. It’s always best to keep it contained and don’t go too overboad. You won’t look daring, you run the risk of looking foolish. So keep it one notch below total overboard and you should be fine.

The main trends for boots winter 2015

Of course we start with the types of heels. The two absolute opposites are in this year. Most of the boots will either have flat soles or will sport really, really high heels. Stuart Weitzman and Allen Shvarts for example will go with the more practical low flat heels.

Others like Prada, Fendi, Armani, Louboutin and so on will stay true to the properly high high heels. It is also more likely that booties will be the preffered choice for high heels and high boots will done lower heels. Most of the heels will be either classic stilettos or straight chunky heels. There won’t be much platforms.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find over-the-knee and thigh high boots that sport proper heels. Some even say they will be in style once again this year.The preferred material will be leather and sometimes suede. Rubber boots will again be offered and somewhat in style, although we wouldn’t really recommend them.

The shape of the boots will also have some definitive changes. For the past few years the boot shafts were getting wider. This year though they will become narrower and higher on the leg. They will follow the shape of the leg better. With that being said, you will also see some slouch boots too. As we said above, this is the year of polar opposites. There will almost be no middle. It’s either one or the other.

There will also be many different styles in the trends for boots winter 2015. For example cowboy boots, boots with laces on the front along the shaft, glitter and club-like boots and so on. Army style, fur boots will also be trendy.


So to recap the trends for boots winter 2015. What will be THE top trend? As always there’s no concrete answer. The trends are trends, they are not constant nor set in stone. But we expect that the really tall boots, the leather and suede, snake print and various colors will be the top trends.

We also think that the really high heels will continue to live on. They may get a bit chunky for some ladies, but it’s been long proven that women really do love their heels and won’t give them up even during the winter.

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