Can high heels make you happy?

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Can high heels make you happy?A lot has been said and written about the power of high heels over both men and women. The fact is many people love high heels. But can heels make you happy?

This is a question that does not really have a direct answer. There have been studies that say buying a new pair of high heels will make you happy. There are also studies that say wearing high heels can bring you problems. And there are studies that say men really love you in high heels.

But how are women feeling when they wearh high heels? Not physically but mentally. It seems this is depending heavily on your own character.

I asked my girlfriend, who is an attorney, about high heels and she said, “Absolutely essential to wear.” She added that she would “never win a trial in flats” and that people expect to see a confident woman in court. And high heels, evidently, screams out “confidence”, writes Judy Bluhm, who is a writer and a columnist for The Daily Courier.

Many women do really feel confident when wearing high heels. And confidence can make you happy. To a point.

Bluhm has also asked her 92-year-old-mother for her opinion on high heels. She says if you are going to be “dressed up”, there is nothing like a “pair of high heels.”

“I have asked a few colleagues, my two daughters and a few girlfriends and they are all of the opinion that “high heels are important”, continues Bluhm.

In the same time a lady in Prescott emailed Bluhm to say that her feet are “permanently ruined” from wearing three-inch heels as a flight attendant for 20 years. She says they were the “standard uniform” and encourages all women to wear flats to save themselves. But flats are also bad.

She is clearly not happy. But again, this is because she wore heels all the time for years with no frequent breaks. And she seemlingly is not that keen on high heels.

Sellers and designers will be quick to tell you high heels make you happy. They (the sellers and designers) will tap into the happy moments when you buy a new pair of shoes. But they don’t really know whether the heels truly make you happy.

The answer might be something like this. If you feel good, and you feel like “yes, this is me”, when you put on a pair of high heels. Then yes, high heels can make you happy.

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