Can you get fit in 10 minutes and wearing high heels?

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Can you get fit in 10 minutes and wearing high heels?
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New High Octane Ride bikes claim they can get you fit by doing 10 minute exercises all while wearing your high heels. Is that even possible? Lets see.

There are cities around the world, especially in Europe, where the bicycle is a prefered mode of transport. So views like the one in the picture above are quite common. Ladies often wear their high heels while riding their bikes to and from work and they do a pretty good job in handling themselves.

Riding a bicycle is no doubt great for your overall fitness condition. But it can also be a bit dangerous as there is quite a big risk of falling off. Plus you actually need a nice place to ride it and a busy city road is not ideal.

The High Octane Ride (HOR), the world’s first ’emergency sprint system’, is the latest HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout trying to excite fashionable fitness fans, the Telegraph reports. You can train without ever slipping of your sky high heels or even worring about your pristine outfit.

The idea is simple. Go back to the basics. Way back. Cavemen ages back. Then people used to conserve energy until needed to run with lots of power. With the help of inbuilt cloud-based software they call CAROL (Cardiovascular Optimisation Logic), High Octane riders are guided through a three minute warm-up, a 20 second burst of power, a three minute cool down, another 20 second burst, and then a final three minute cool down.

Exercising like this will typically burn 20-30 per cent of the so-called fat in 20 seconds as oppose the same amount after 30 minutes or more of more traditional, aerobic exercise. This means that 40 seconds of high intensity sprinting gains you the equivalent in cardiovascular fitness of a 45 minute jog. A bonus is that the intense exercise bursts are too short to get you hot enough to work up a sweat, and the way that the body redistributes energy means that it will carry on burning calories effectively for up to 48 hours following a session.

Sadly these special bikes cost 2200 British pounds so they are a bit pricey. The company is thinking of offering it to businesses to put them in the office fitness rooms or in stores where you can pay for a session.

The Telegraph reporter that tried the bike while wearing 5-inch Christian Louboutin high heels says she felt quite good afterwards and she didn’t even sweat while training. This means you can really do work out in your best office attire and not worry about it.


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