Cannes film festival criticized for high heels only policy

The 2015 Cannes film festival was thrown into hot water after guests claimed they weren’t allowed in because they weren’t wearing high heels. Is that an issue?

On one hand, maybe, but on the other it is definately blown way out of proportion. While we know there are many celebrities who love wearing high heels, there are also a lot of then who are wearing them because they have to, not because they want.

“Everyone should wear flats, to be honest. We shouldn’t wear high heels,” said Emily Blunt, when asked about the controversy at the Sicario press conference. “That’s very disappointing, just when you kind of think there are these new waves of equality.”

Here is why she is wrong. She is also saying what everyone should be doing – wearing flats, just because she doesn’t want to wear high heels. What she should have said is “Everyone should wear whatever they feel comfortable in”.

Then we come to the issue of official events. You can’t simply pop to a high class event in a pair of sneakers, right? No one would ever do that, unless he or she is trying to cause some PR attention. Clubs have had face control for decades and no one is complaining about that, right? At least not as publicly and so fierce like now.

Then again, we haven’t heard that tha Cannes face control measures the height of the heels and says you are only allowed if you wear killer sky high heels. So there is a perfect solution – kitten heels.They are between and inch and two inches in height, which actually is an ideal angle for the foot to be on, as agreed by many podiatrists. Wearing completely flat shoes, as Blunt wants, it is as worse for your feet as wearing a pair of uncomfortable high heels.

Finally it is the issue of the shoes themselves. The only reason why a pair of high heels would cause blisters, severe pain and discomfort within a couple of hours of putting them on is that the wearer is simply wearing the wrong shoes. A pair that doesn’t fit properly, is not the right size and most likely is too high for what she can handle.

This is why we have said time and time again – take your time with high heels and work your way up. Take good care of your feet. Practice.

We do agree that any person should not be forced to wear a type of shoe he or she dosen’t want to. But we also do think that there are way too many misconceptions and misinformation about high heels. This is why we are hoping our constant reminders will give more people a better understanding that a proper and balanced choice for high heels is nothing to worry about.

And we also definately don’t support the notion that if you don’t like high heels you should scream loud on how bad they make you feel and no one should ever wear them. This just creates an unnecessary conflict. Everyone should be free to wear whatever they like and feel comfortable in – be it sky high killer heels or flats. Sure, voice your opinion why you have chosen the given type but don’t force it on others. There are bigger problems in the world than who should wear what shoes…

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