Cara Delevingne steals the show in thigh high boots at the European premiere of Suicide Squad

Cara Delevingne loves boots! There’s no doubt in that after she rocked boots at all major events lately, including the Suicide Squad premieres in all over.

Cara seems to haveĀ a special fondness for thigh high boots. They are her most often choice when she opts for boots. Happily, this happens more and more.

We say it because we do love boots here. Quite a lot. And also because they suit Cara quite well. Recently she has really hit her stride with high fashion outfits and thigh high boots.

She looked especially daring at the Suicide Squad premiere in London. This was the second major premiere for the movie, this one the European premiere. Cara was on top form with a bold outfit featuring a revealing biker jacket and a fringed skirt.

The highlight of the outfit was her thigh high boots. They were made by Christian Louboutin. The boots had a small platform and quite high heels. They were no problem for Cara though. She handled them with ease and posed for the cameras, stealing the show. It was definitely one of her best looks from the Suicide Squad media tour.

She really likes these boots, too. A few days earlier she rocked them in New York for a night out. Dare we say she looks even better!

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