Carolinna Espinosa Sari Gladiator Heels become a favorite of celebrities

Carolinna Espinosa Sari Gladiator Heels become a favorite of celebrities

Carolinna Espinosa Sari Gladiator Heels have turned into somewhat of a favorite choice of celebrities recently. Quite a few ladies are wearing them, FootwearNews notes.

Gigi Hadid, Maria Menounos and other celebrities have taken a shine to the gladiator high heels Carolinna Espinosa is making. “Gigi is the ultimate ‘it girl.’ Her personal style is unique and individual,” says President and CEO Alan Luchette. “She loves to dress up in long evening dresses that are super-glamorous, but she also loves her effortless beach waves matched accordingly with her no-care look. She just wants to have fun.”

She is spearheading the trend and likes the gladiator shoes quite a lot.

Maria Menounos is also starting to like them. She has opted for a pair in nude color in a recent Instagram picture.

Louise Roe and Keshia Chante are other celebrities that have been recently spotted wearing the Sari Gladiator high heels. Carolinna Espinosa is the big winner as this raises the sales of the brand. “Celebrities wearing Carolinna Espinosa definitely creates a buzz. Maria Menounos, Keltie Knight, Louise Roe, Dascha Polanco and other celebrities have worn a number of our styles, which created an immediate uptick in sales,” he says. “Interestingly enough, we continue to experience increased traffic on our website weeks or months after the celebrity is seen wearing our shoes.”

The company feels that the symmetry, the clean lines and the top quality are the main reasons for the gladiator heels to become popular. The heel height is perfect — high enough to be sophisticated, but not too high that it’s uncomfortable. Everybody, including celebrities, looks for something versatile in their wardrobe. Sari is for everything from day looks to nights out and weekends. You only need to pack her!”, Luchette adds.

For what is worth, we do know that we also quite like the gladiator heels which have been a mini summer trend. Maybe it started with Kendall Jenner wearing gladiator boots or she was just one of the first to get in on the trend. Whatever the case, it is a nice trend.

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