Carrie Underwood says she loves to wear high heels to appear taller

American Idol winner Carrie Underwood says in an interview that she loves to wear high heels to appear taller. She also shares her beauty tips.

In an interview with The Sunday Express Carrie says she would love to be a couple of inches taller. “I’m 5ft 3in and I would love to be a couple of inches taller. That’s why I have so many pairs of sky-high heels in my closet – it means that at least I can fake being taller when I want to”, she adds.

Her love for high heels though is quite noticeable since she often wear various styles and is not afraid to experiment. You can see Carrie rock all kinds of high heels, boots and wedges. So if you are looking for tips on footwear, check her latest outfits ou and you are sure to find something.

As for looking as good as her, she says it is about working out, eating properly. “Get plenty of sleep if you can, drink lots of water, eat vegetables and fruits, and try your best to stay active. I always feel better when I exercise in the morning and if I feel better, I look better”, she says.

As for training, Carrie says she works out four to six times a week. “I love switching it up. I run, I use a cross-trainer, I box and I do Tabata, which is short bursts of high-intensity training”, she adds.

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