Check out the incredible month of Bella Hadid and her fashion career

by As you may have noticed, Bella Hadid is enjoying quite the rise of attention and popularity lately. Maybe it has something to do with her fashion career. Over the past more than a month Bella Hadid was very busy … Continued

High heel celebrities of the week – Hailey Baldwin and Pia Toscano

by After such a busy month, most celebrities are off to relax. But there are still some great fashion inspirations. For example Hailey Baldwin and Pia Toscano. They are our latest High heel celebrities of the week. Both impressed with … Continued

Blast from the past – Zendaya and Bella Thorne in leather and high heels

by Zendaya and Bella Thorne have been friends for quite some time. Even if today their schedules keep them apart, they are reportedly close. Here they are together from way back in 2012. A few years ago both celebrities were together … Continued

Skinny jeans and high heels are not going to kill you, experts say

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by Here we go again, a new study claims skinny jeans, high heels and purses are very harmful. But other experts say that’s “complete scaremongering”. The original poll came from the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) which wanted to find the … Continued

Dakota Fanning is the latest face of Jimmy Choo’s high heels

by Jimmy Choo continues to pick glamorous celebrities for their new high heel collections. Dakota Fanning is the latest to join the brand in a great photoshoot. Dakota has always had a unique style. And it’s often reflected by her … Continued

See the fabulous leather and high heels street style at the 2017 Paris Fashion Week

by We love Paris. It’s the city where you can see it all, especially when it comes to fashion. So, the Paris Fashion Week is the best time to see the best of the street style. The first 2017 Paris Fashion … Continued

The high heel celebrities of February 2017

by Well, one of the busiest months for celebrities is over. February is the time of the year with the most award shows and events. Perfect for lots of heels. And lots of fashion moments, too. Some were great, others … Continued

The high heel trends from the 2017 AW Milan Fashion Week

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by Stilettos, high heels, boots, suede, leather, colors. In short, these are the high heel trends at the 2017 A/W Milan Fashion Week. But wait, there’s more! The Autumn/Winter Milan Fashion Week continued the overall trend in shoes and clothes. … Continued

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