Jennifer Lopez shares her top tips on how to wear high heels

Jennifer Lopez loves high heels. She often wears the most daring and sky high heels you can imagine. And now she shares her top tips on how to handle them. Jennifer talked to Vogue and she shared some of her … Continued

Here’s what to know and do for your first time wearing high heels

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A lot of women have problems with high heels because they don’t follow some simple tips. This can be worsen if you’re about to wear heels for the first time. Believe or not, a lot of women start wearing heels … Continued

Three top exercises to minimize high heel pain

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High heels bring a lot of women to polarizing heights. They love the look and feel like a million bucks, but it comes at a painful price. For some at least. There are many reasons why you might feel pain … Continued

7 key tips how to choose the right high heels

Wearing high heels is a roller coaster. You feel great and on top of the world. Then you feel pain and want to hide somewhere. It’s all because of wrong choices of footwear. GhanaWeb has published 7 great tips on … Continued

Sarah Jessica Parker reveals her tips how to be comfortable in high heels

Everyone knows Sarah Jessica Parker loves high heels. She even has her own footwear line and rocks heels all the time. She knows her stuff with the shoes. So, we’ve always been hoping for her to reveal some of her … Continued

Foot surgeon reveals the only high heels hacks which actually work

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There are a lot of high heel hacks out there. They claim they make wearing heels all day bearable and even comfortable. But one surgeon does not agree. Dr. Hillary Brenner is a podiatric surgeon from New York. ThisIsInsider reached … Continued

How to choose the right boots this winter

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Winter is coming and it’s time for our favorite boots. There are a lot of types of boots, so how to choose the right ones for you? Here’s how. The Cleveland Clinic has published a special guide with several tips … Continued

Here’s the formula which will tell you what high heels are good for you

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Wearing high heels can be very pleasant, but also very painful. The line is thin, but a very simple formula can help you find what heels are good for you. You might think that the lower the heels, the better. … Continued

Priyanka Chopra shows how to fight in high heels (videos)

Do NOT make Priyanka Chopra angry. Just don’t. She was recently on Live with Kelly and showed off her defense and fight skills in high heels. Priyanka stars in the series Quantico and does all of her stunts. What’s more … Continued

Kim Kardashian reveals how to wear high heels to appear taller

Did you know you can wear high heels and still appear shorter? Oh, yes you can. Kim Kardashian reveals her top tips how to rock heels and appear taller. Kim is 1.59 m tall (or 5′ 3″) and she says … Continued