Celebrities are overdoing leather and it’s going to crash badly

Celebrities are in a leather zone. They love all things leather lately and they are even overdoing it. This means the trend will crash quite badly.

Now, we love leather, too. If you read us often, you would know that. We’re suckers for both stylish and provocative leather outfits, boots, gloves, shoes and etc.

And we know why celebs love it, too. Leather has always had a special “feeling” and energy about it. It doesn’t matter if it’s genuine leather, faux, patent, even latex, PVC and lack leather. All have that same effect. They make your day feel even more special.

And they bring you an extra layer of confidence and attractiveness which is difficult to describe. But it’s very easy to see. Just look at any woman wearing something with one of those fabrics. It looks good and it makes you feel good. The effect is compounding and stunning. Plus, it’s currently back in full trendy force.

So, it’s easy to look good in it. It feels good. Looks great. And it’s in style. It’s no wonder why celebrities are rocking it more and more, especially during the September spike of events and lower, cooler temperatures.

Sadly, all of this risks overdoing it. When everyone are wearing it all the time, it’s natural that slowly, but surely, celebs will star to look to other ideas to stand out. Other celebs will simply become bored with it, because they’ve worn it so much and it’s everywhere.

As true fans of this style and fabric, we’d hate to see it being put on the back of the bus. And because it’s been so overdone, it’s bound to stay there for a while. We hope that’s not the case and leather will continue to be a fashion staple as it certainly deserves it when done right.

Judging from just the past week or so though, it’s currently at it’s peak. There’s never been so many leather-rocking celebs in one week. This is going to transfer over to everyday fashion as well. So this fall and winter there’s going to be a LOT of leather everywhere.

This is both great and bad. Great, because there’s a lot of options and variety. Bad, because people will grow tired of it and it won’t feel as special as before.

Of course, that won’t matter to true leather fans, but they will once again be seen as out of style and old fashioned once this leather trend fizzles out badly. So, keep it in moderation, if you can. This way more styles will feel more special for longer.

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