Celebrities who have designed high heels

Celebrities who have designed high heels
The Maleficent high heels by Christian Louboutin and Angelina Jolie

We all know celebrities love to wear high heels. But some love these types of shoes so much, they actually have designed a pair of heels. Or two… Lets see which celebrities have designer high heels.

It sounds pretty easy. Simply get a piece os paper, draw the high heels of your dreams and then show it to a shoe maker to turn it into reality. And it probably is like that for some celebrities. Others though put quite a lot of effort not only in designing the shoes but in marketing them afterwards.

One of the latest celebs to join this list is Beyonce. She has announced that she will collaborate with Guiseppe Zanotti in order to create her dream shoes. We are pretty sure they will be high heels.

Another recent celebrity high heel design is the Christian Louboutin Maleficent high heels. They were styled with the input of Angelina Jolie who wanted to have a pair of extraordinary high heels for her character in the Disney Maleficent movie.

They proved to be so well liked, Louboutin launched a limited edition run of the shoes. They were offered in black or red patent leather combined with thin mesh and those crazy looking heels. As you can expect, Jolie donated the profits to charity.

In 2013 Kim Kardashian also stepped into the world of designer high heels. She launched an entire collection called Kardasian Kollection. Fashion editors though didn’t really like the Kollection. They thought it was cheap looking and Halloween like. As time went by though, Kardashian seems to have gotten her act together, as these are not that bad.

Then comes the Queen Madonna. You can expect that she has done a stellar job and she has. In 2012 she launched her Truth or Dare collection that she co-designer with her daughter Lourdes. If you are into leather, sky high stilettos, studs and a more provocative look, then Truth or Dare is for you.

Male celebrities have also created shoes. But naturally they have made male shoes not high heels. Stil, we have to commend Carlos Santana and Pharrel Williams for doing a nice job on that.

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