Celine Dion wows in a long leather dress and boots in Paris

Celine Dion usually has a very elegant and even modest style. Even so, that doesn’t stop her from being quite impressive with her outfits and shoes.

The latest example of this was just yesterday. Celine was at the Christian Dior fashion show which was part of the Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris.

Celine opted for what on first glance seemed a very stylish and restrained look. But she showed everyone that it’s not about what you wear, but how you wear it.

Celine opted for a beautiful long light brown leather dress. It looked very stylish on her for sure. But, if you have ever worn a leather dress or similar leather item, you know how confident and even powerful it makes you feel.

This was the case with Celine, too. She beamed confidence throughout the event. Her footwear also helped for that. Celine opted for a pair of elegant black leather high heeled boots.

Sadly, we don’t know how high were her boots, but they were at least knee length, maybe more. They featured classic pointy toes and thin high heels.

A combination of a leather dress and leather boots is the ultimate confidence booster. So much, that Celine decided to make a somewhat improvised, but daring photoshoot on the back of a Mercedes S-class. We’re pretty sure Mercedes were most happy about that, as Celine really impressed.

She kept her hair loose but most of her face remained hidden behind big aviator sunglasses. From what we could see, it seemed like Celine had gone for only a dash of makeup, eyeliner and a no-lipstick look.

Not that it was needed though, that outfit was certain to impress a lot. And it did which also got some attention to her Dior leather handbag. Lovely stuff from Celine for sure. It shows why leather has been a fashion staple for so long.

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