Celine Dion wows in a stylish leather and high heels in Paris

The Paris Fashion Week is in full swing. Celebrities are there to see the latest trends and set them. Like Celine Dion who wowed in leather and high heels.

Celine was among the guests for Christian Dior’s fashion show. She herself did a small fashion show with her outfit.

Celine had opted for a very stylish outfit to respond well to both the high fashion setting and the cooler Paris weather. Naturally leather was the perfect choice to fulfill both goals.

Celine was wearing a very stylish fitted jacket with a fabric bow on one side. She was also rocking a pair of fitted black leather pants and matching leather high heels.

The shoes featured pointy toes, straps and a closed back for maximum style and comfort. To complete her look, Celine was also wearing a pair of fitted black leather gloves. Completing her outfit was a black purse with a crocodile pattern. She was also rocking diamond earrings and aviator sunglasses.

Overall a very, very stylish look for Celine.

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