Charlize Theron and Michelle Rodriguez stun in their outfits at the NY premiere of Fate of the Furious

The Fate of the Furious world premiere events continue. Naturally, the one in New York gathered more attention than most. Charlize Theron and Michelle Rodriguez stole the show in their outfits.

Both take part in the 8th installment of the billion-dollar movie franchise. And both are definitely able to pull off some great looks.

Actually, it looked like both took a page out of the book which says go beyond your traditional style. This is why we could see Charlize in a daring pair of thigh high boots and sheer dress.

Charlize rocked a pair of suede boots on thin high heels and pointy toes. The boots definitely added some extra power look to Charlize.

She also rocked a sheer black dress with sparkling details and a big necklace. Charlize kept her hair in a bun and opted for only a dash of accenting makeup.

She looked elegant, but also daring and confident. Definitely a new and good look for Charlize. Boots suit her a lot.

Michelle Rodriguez on the other hand decided to be very stylish and elegant. She usually prefers the more sporty style, but for this event she was all style and elegance.

Michelle opted for a gorgeous silver dress which had a good fit and an additional long train on one side. The dress featured some sparkles and looked great.

Michelle also styled it with a pair of matching silver high heels. They had straps and sparkles and looked great.

Michelle also opted for a dash of accenting makeup without going overboard. She kept her hair styled in a ponytail and looked very elegant and stylish. Certainly a great look for her.

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