Charlotte McKinney puts the daring into leather and high heels

Charlotte McKinney redefined what combining daring leather with elegance is all about. She was out and about in Beverly Hills and impressed in one of the most stunning and daring leather outfits and heels.

Charlotte definitely wanted to draw attention and also look elegant and daring. Her outfit definitely achieved that and more. A lot more.

On paper it’s quite a simple and elegant piece. The outfit featured a crisp white shirt, burgundy leather pants and nude suede high heels.

But when you look at the details, the outfit becomes sizzling hot and daring. Charlotte’s shirt was unbuttoned almost entirely.

Her leather pants were skin tight and drew all the attention to her toned, supermodel legs. Charlotte then teamed this daring and confident outfit with a pair of elegant suede high heels. They were quite high and shaped her look and legs even more.

McKinney rocked her hair long and loose and opted for accenting makeup. As you can imagine, Charlotte oozed confidence and was a show stopper. She looked absolutely incredible even if this style might be a bit too much for many. We though like the daring and confident looks even when they are not up to everyone’s taste.

You like the burgundy leather but want a more subtle and elegant style? Well, how about this great idea from Lizzie Cundy. She was at the ITV studios in London and wowed in a very simple and elegant outfit.

Lizzie rocked and elegant, fitted black polo shirt tucked into a beautiful burgundy leather skirt. It was a skirt with a high waist, well fitted and reaching to the knees. Two decorative side zippers completed the look.

Lizzie then added a pair of elegant ankle-strapped high heels. They were tied with wide bows at the ankles and had thin heels. Lizze also opted fo keep her hair loose, but straight. A dash of accenting makeup completed her look.

So, there you have it. Two very different styles with burgundy leather. This fashion item seems to become a small new trend and favorite of celebs. So, be on the look out to see even more similar outfits.

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