Charlotte McKinney sizzles in a casual, but eye-grabbing outfit and high heels in LA

Charlotte McKinney has once again shown us she definitely has an unique style. She was at the Los Angeles Times Food Bowl for Secret Burger Showdown at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts. And She wowed in a superb, casual outfit and high heels.

Wearing a classic, casual outfit to an event can be a bit of a hit or miss. Especially if do don’t mix and match all of the items of your outfit and overall look.

Charlotte though knows how to do all of this. So, she wowed with quite the outfit, despite it featuring classic, simple pieces.

She rocked a simple, crisp white T-shirt which was with very short sleeves. Charlotte teamed the shirt with a pair of black leather hotpants to add some daring points to her look and style.

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She then mixed things up with a pair of cute, but elegant white high heels. They featured interesting ankle-straps which mimicked tied bows.

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Charlotte completed her look with an elegant black leather purse. She opted for no accessories other than small earrings.

Charlotte kept her hair pulled back in a very long pony tail. She opted for minimal makeup with a dash of eyeliner and smoked eyes and pretty much nothing else.

The end result was quite a stunning look. A look which mixed well both elegance, style and casual. Great job by Charlotte!

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