Charlotte McKinney wows in a micro skirt and sky high heels in Malibu

Charlotte McKinney is no stranger to the provocative style. She wowed in a micro skirt showing off her toned legs in sky high heels while out in Malibu.

Charlotte was at the Soho house in Malibu for dinner. She wowed in an elegant, but quite daring outfit.

She opted for a cut out top, which she teamed with a denim micro skirt. Charlotte also rocked a matching denim jacket on top.

The main attention of her look was drawn to her legs, though. They were on full display thanks to the micro skirt.

Charlotte also opted for a pair of elegant pointy toed high heels. They were black with thin high heels and added some additional elegance to her look.

Charlotte also opted for a pair of sunglasses and that was it. She left her blond hair long and loose and added some accenting makeup and eyelashes.

As we’ve often said, the simplest of outfits can have the most memorable look when done right. And Charlotte did it quite right. As a result, she looked simply stunning and knew it.

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