Check out French model Maud Le Car surf in high heels

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Check out French model Maud Le Car surf in high heelsSo, you think running or even walking in high heels is difficult or near impossible? Then what would you say when you see a woman surfing in heels?

This is exactly what French model and pro surfer Maud Le Car did. She put on a pair of ankle strapped high heels and grabbed her board and went for a ride on the waves. To make it even more challenging Le Car also is wearing a little black dress.

Le Car seemingly has no issues whatsoever to handle the surf despite her high heels. She even manages to pull off a few fancy moves. Le Car was born on the 25th May 1992, in St. Martin, French Caribbean. She also loves to paint, spray and draw. Her favorite beach is Mullet Bay, a spot located on her home island.

Here is the video:

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