Check out Nicholas Kirkwood new 1980s arcade high heels collection

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Nicholas Kirkwood has unveiled a new 1980s inspired high heels collection covering arcade games and pop references. Check it out right here.

The new 10 Collection is not for the masses. This is evident not only by the prices which can be sky high as most of the heels themselves, but also because it is made to order only. This means that each pair will be unique and made especially for the one who has ordered it.

There are high heels from many 80s classics, from arcade games like Pac-Man to Star Wars, Back to the Future and others. The high heels feature different names which can be funny. Amongst them are Millennium Butterfly, “Back to the Sneaker” and others.

The designs are as crazy as they get. They are mostly featuring platforms and quite a lot of different heels from thin stilettos, to chunky blocks and Neon-like writings. There are booties, sling-backs, peep toes and many other types of high heels available in the collection.

If you are tempted to order a pair, but are not decided, be sure to make up your mind quickly. Kirkwood is accepting orders for the high heels until December 1st 2015, so this doesn’t leave you with too much time. But to make things easier, here are the high heels in the 10 Collection:

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