Check out Shakira playing dress up for her next project

Being a famous singer is not only about singing. You have to spend a lot of time preparing your outfits. For example lets check out Shakira as she plays dress up, as she calls it.

Shakira posted a great image showing her trying out various outfits for her next project. In the photo she is wearing a strapless silver grey gown paired with a grey platform high heels with open toes.

Playing dress up! @robzangardi

A photo posted by Shakira (@shakira) on

Around Shakira there are lots of other outfits and high heels from various designers. The common bit for all high heels is that they are all with platforms, most of them pretty high.

Helping Shakira out is Los Angeles-based fashion stylist and costume designer Rob Zangardi. While Shakira doesn’t say what is she preparing for, it for sure will be pretty interesting. Of course she might just be trying outfits that she will be wearing to future events.

Celebrities have to always make time not only to pick every outfit, but also try it on, wear it for a while and see if suits them and it is flattering. Some training can also include simply checking out if the outfit is prone to wardrobe malfunctions.

From what we see in the photos Shakira could soon wear some very interesting outfits paired with even more interesting high heels. We will be on the look out for those.

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