Check out the crazy high heels Sandra Bullock wore at the Minions premiere

Sandra Bullock is one of the voices in the new Minions movie and recently revelead she is a big fan of them. Bullock even wore special Minions high heels at the Hollywood premiere of the movie.

Sandra says she loves the Minions and is a Minion herself. ““I’m always in a Minion state of mind. It’s impossible for people to understand me. I’m constantly making odd sounds and things are always a disaster where I am. But somehow, I always get out alive. I’m basically a Minion”, she told the USA Today.

She decided to pay homage to the funny characters by wearing a pair of specially designer Minon high heels. They are designed by Rupert Sanderson and will be auctioned off to charity soon.

The rest of Bullock’s outfit was completed by a long black dress with a yellow detail at the top right shoulder. She had also opted for minimal make-up and a pair of big sunglasses.

Those are some funky high heels.

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