Check out the five high heels that should re-invent the shoe

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Image credit: United Nude

Have you ever wondered what the shoes of the future will lookl ike. Five designers have made their visions for the high heels that will re-invent the shoe.

They have makde the designs and United Nude and 3D Systems have turned them into reality. The 3D printed high heels were shown at the Re-Inventing shoes exhibition at Milan Design Week Arch Daily reports.

The shoes are real and can be worn. They are said to be somewhat comfortable because are made with new soft rubber material. There will be up to 50 pairs of each shoe made that will be sold to enthusiasts.

So, what are the high heels thaw till re-invent the shoe? These beauties are made by Zaha Hadid. They are called Flames.

Image credit: United Nude

“The sculptural sensibility and experimentation of Hadid’s architectural language and United Nude’s expertise In manufacturing the most innovative designs has embodied the shoe with the essence of fire – delicate and ephemeral, yet compelling and dynamic”, their designer says.

These are Ammonite by Fernando Romero.

Image credit: United Nude

“This shoe uses the most cutting-edge 3D printing technology both in design and execution, but the result is a shoe that could have been an object found in nature, a delicate fossil that has been buried on the bottom of the ocean for millennia.”

Next up are the UNX2 by UN Studio.

Image credit: United Nude

“We were particularly interested in the kinds of images the shoe could create, both when static and when in motion. The UNX2 shoe creates patterns of movement and produces a dynamic form of image-making through motion”, says the designer.

Looking for something more young? There are the Young by Michael Young Studio.

Image credit: United Nude

“Working on this project has allowed us a unique opportunity to explore and expand within a rare dimension. Combined with our own extensive experience in 3D technology we have created a refreshing approach to the way a shoe may be can be perceived”, says Young.

Needing some more color and extra height? Check out the ILABO by Ross Lovegrove.

Image credit: United Nude

“I have used this project to establish a moment where physical innovation in materials density and layered matrix node structuring, are coalesced to enhance the sensuality of the female form whilst remaining clearly technological”, says Lovegrove.

So which of these high heels do you like? Would they really re-invent the shoe and have women all over the world wearing such futuristic shoes? Our opinion is that this won’t happen anytime soon. Ladies will stick to the more classic shoe shapes for quite a while. Although maybe the Flames could catch on quicker.

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