Check out the high heel styles for Spring 2016

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Check out the high heel styles for Spring 2016
Image credit: AMI Clubwear

Even though Spring 2016 is still far, the styles and trends are already shaping up. The main one will be – boldness. So what high heels you will wear? Let’s find out.

We all know that fashion loves to find new ways to make you look different and unique. There are so many ways you can achieve that and so many different style and themes you can use. According to FootwearNews, the Spring 2016 trends will be all about being bold.

How to achieve said boldness is up to you. It can be something as classic as suede cutout high heels with laces, white shirt that you tie at your belly instead of buttoning up, a short denim skirt and a thick shiny necklace and sunglasses.

You can also use high heels to spice up more casual and restrained outfits. For example sparkly metallic strappy stilettos are a good way to spice up a blue-ish outfit with a skirt.

Thick high heels will also have a place under the sun. Especially if the upper part of the shoe is with a more unusual form or are cut out in a more unusual way. It’s all about being bold, so patterns and bright colors can also be a nice choice.

Suede laceup sandals, especially in some color like green, yellow or the like is also a very nice idea. Mix them with a flaring skirt and a short top, and you have got yourself a winner.

Did we say colors? Orange thick heeled sandals fro the win!

Or… orange open-toed stilettos with a fringed ankle strap! Perfect for ladies with thicker ankles too, as it will cover them and bring some more flare to your look.

Have thin ankles that you want to show off? Then opt for metallic mules that are in a attention grabbing color like blue for example.

On the whole, thin heels in bright colors and various designs, laces, materials are the way to go for Spring 2016.

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