Check out the high heels of the top designers from Paris Fashion Week 2015

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Image credit: Flickr (CC) / 斯克爾影像館

Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Valentino, Stella McCartney and Chanel gathered lots of attention during the Paris Fashion Week for Fall and Winter 2015. Lets see the high heels form the shows.

We already checked out the high heel trends from the Paris Fashion Week for Fall and Winter 2015. It was a little early in the week so most of the top designers still hadn’t done their shows. Here they are now.

We start with Givenchy. Variety is their word but only to a point. The were a lot of high heels and booties shown but the colors were very restrained. Black was the undisputed ruler of all colors. Givenchy has stayed away from details and accessories. Their offers will be with clean design, tight along the ankle and foot and with modest heels, most of which are actually chunky.

Saint Laurent was all about being provocative as possible. Their entire collection is an eye catcher for sure. Black leather booties with small details and accents on them will be a choice of Saint Laurent along with very thin and quite high heels. Some booties will feature leather straps on them. Saint Laurent also shoeed off black over-the-knee leather boots with zippers and details, low-cut booties with cut pieces inside.

Stella McCartney opted for a more restrained look. The designer chose booties and pumps in black and red. Low, thick heels are a preffered choice of Stella McCartney.

Valentino also decided to be… unvusual. Lots of long dresses, almost invisible high heels. But then the shorter dresses revealed that Valentino has opted for calf boots with chunky heels and no platform. Most of them are black but funky colors like light purple will also be shown in the stores awaiting their future owners and wearers.

Chanel is going for a mix of elegant and restrained look. Their heels are low and blocky. Almost like trying do discard attention away.

Louis Vuitton is sticking to the glamour. Fur, leather, high heeled booties with thin heels and lots of extra designs. If you don’t want to discard attention but actuall draw it. Louis Vuitton will have youcovered on that.

Last, but not least, lets check out Alexander McQueen during the Paris Fashion Week for Fall and Winter 2015. They are chosing boots (yay). First up are low ankle and calf booties with thin high heels and bold colrs like red and pink. Then there are the knee high leather boots also with thin high heels and a bright pink color. Too much for you? They will also be available in black.

These were the high heels shown during the top designers shows at the Paris Fashion Week for Fall and Winter 2015. It shapes up to be a very interesting season. We hope.

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