Check out the incredible month of Bella Hadid and her fashion career


As you may have noticed, Bella Hadid is enjoying quite the rise of attention and popularity lately. Maybe it has something to do with her fashion career.

Over the past more than a month Bella Hadid was very busy with the major fashion week shows. Bella was among the most demanded models and had several appearances for top brands.

But where really Bella impressed was her own fashion evolution. She showed that her fashion tastes are broad. Very broad.

Over these weeks we could see Bella in all types of outfits and shoes. She rocked casual outfits, official dresses and daring combos. You could see her in leather, latex, high heels, thigh high boots, you name it. And pretty much all of them were selected perfectly.

The end result? Bella cemented her spot as one of the top celebrities for fashion inspiration. Granted, some of her outfits are possible for glamorous celebrities, but won’t work that well for regular events. Even so, with a bit of boldness and creativity, you can still find ideas. Here are some of the best looks and outfits of Bella Hadid we liked during her fashion weeks events.

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